Wiz – Cloud Security that Accelerates Business

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

Multi-cloud environments are creating complex infrastructure environments and due to the fragmented nature and volume of alerts security teams are overloaded.  A new approach is needed to secure these solutions.

Datavator Partner – Wiz

As a certified Wiz professional services partner Datavator can help organisations rapidly deploy the platform and prioritise findings and immediate remediation.

Why Wiz?

Agentless Integration

Wiz connects to your cloud via an API rather than installing agents and gives visibility across virtual machines, containers, serverless functions and data stores.

Focus on what matters

Wiz brings together misconfigurations, network exposure, secrets vulnerbiliities, malware, sensitive data and identiies into a single dashboard which allows users to prioirtise risks rather than constant patching.

End to end visibility

Combining multiple tools into one platform with CSPM, vulnerability management, CIEM container security, IaC scanning and CWPP gives Wiz coverage over your whole environment.

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